Undersiege Paintball
Play paintball at Undersiege Paintball based in Durham near Newcastle

Paintball Mission Day

Undersiege Paintball aim to provide you with an action packed day consisting of various paintball game concepts which will be played throughout 6 to 8 game zones, from the more tactical demands of the forest to the sharp shooting speedball section.

action packed day

Each of the individual gaming zones has varying landscape qualities, which are used for maximum playing enjoyment.

We at Undersiege Paintball have given you the choice of Four Operational Packages to choose from. Our prices start from as little as £4.99 per player which also includes the hire of semi-automatic paintball guns, camouflage overalls, free gas refills, full eye, ear and face protection, protective balaclava, ammunition belts and a variety of game scenarios for your enjoyment.

variety of game scenarios for your enjoyment

At Undersiege Paintball Games we have a full risk assessment which can be viewed by companies, schools or organisations wishing to send there clients pupils or staff to us!

Underseige Paintball, Castlewood Farm, Helme Park, Tow Law, Co Durham, DL13 4NN, England
Tel: 01388 731777
Thu 26 Apr 2018 21:51:30