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Inferno Semi Automatic Paintball Gun

One of the first true built British guns is the Inferno. Manufactured by the same guys who brought us the Evolution Autococker so the gun was bound to be of high quality. Still available today and used by many top paintball sites over the UK, the Inferno is a rapid, well finished semi-auto that allows first time players to play with a gun that gives serious accuracy.

Inferno Semi Automatic Paintball Gun

Designed and built with quality and performance in mind, by Arrow Precision and Belsales, the people who bought you the unparalleled performance of the Evolution range of tournament markers.

Built to last, from selected corrosion resistant materials, made to exacting tolerances on our state of the art CNC machines, anodised for durability and then hand finished by the same craftsmen that make the Evolution range of tournament markers and accessories.

This gun is not only built to last, but to perform reliably, day in day out, game after game, ball after ball. It has been thoroughly field tested under the most adverse weather conditions, summer and winter... and like the work horse it is, it just keeps on going.

Using the same technology that gave you the world renowned Evolution valving, we have employed a special high flow valve and boost chamber, that gives the Inferno exceptional cold weather performance and consistency.

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