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Paintball Information - Glossary

This section is dedicated to clearing up any words that may be confusing to anyone.


Anodizing - Process of coloring aluminum, makes your gun pretty.

Barrel - This is what the ball comes out of.

Barrel Plug - Safety device that goes in your barrel when you aren't playing.

Beavertail - Prevents you from thumping your cocker. Thumping is pushing on the cocking rod to increase velocity when shooting, not what you thought it was.

Bolt - Chambers the ball. Also directs the gas that fires the ball down the barrel.

Bounce - When the ball hits you and doesn't break, hence you do not get eliminated.

Break - When the ball breaks, on your opponent is usually good.

Bunker - Things that you hide behind. To bunker someone is to come around, over or under the bunker they are hiding behind and eliminating them from close range. Fun.

Burst Disk - Used on the valve of CO2 and high pressure systems to vent if the gas pressure inside the tank is too high.

Chronograph - Used to measure the velocity of the marker. Usually called a "chrono" or "chrony".

CI (cubic inch) - Used to tell you the volume of air a high pressure tank will hold, examples are 47ci, 68ci, 88ci and 114ci.

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) - The original gas used to propel paintballs, still the most common used today.

Drop forward - It drops your airsystem down and forward.

Elbow - Connects the hopper to the gun, also tend to break at the worst times.

Expansion Chamber - A place for liquid CO2 to expand into a gas to keep the liquid out of your gun.

Foregrip - Something for your non shooting hand to hold on to.

FPS (feet per second) - We use FPS to measure the velocity of the paintball, the Hungarian international speed limit is 220 FPS.

Gogged - Getting shot in the goggles, usually followed by a feeling of shame.

Hammer - In most guns the part that smacks the valve to release the gas that fires the ball.

Harness - Straps onto your back and carries pods.

Hopper - The thing that you put the balls in.

Hot Gun - A gun shooting over the fields limit.

HPA (high pressure air) - The newest and best gas used to propel paintballs, very expensive when compared to CO2.

Hyper-ball - Speedball field using corrugated tubing to make bunkers.

Marker - Another term for paintball gun.

Newbie - A new player to the sport.

Pod - Used to carry extra paint onto the field, usually held in a harness.

Powerfeed - Also known as a crossfeed, works on open bolt guns by using the blowback gas to bounce the ball off the back of the powerfeed and into the chamber. Helps to prevent ball chopping.

PSI (Pounds per square inch) - Used to express the amount of pressure a high pressure air tank will hold, the more pressure the more shots per tank. Common pressures for paintball are 3000PSI and 4500PSI.

Recball - Playing paintball for fun only.

Remote - Running remote is carrying the tank somewhere on your body rather than having it on gun. Usually kept in a buttpack. A remote is the line you use to get the gas from the tank to your gun.

Slide Check - Used on air lines to shut off the air supply and to bleed downstream air.

Speedball - Concept style play, most fields are mirrored and the playing area is like a small arena.

Sup-Air - Speedball using large colorful inflatable bunkers connected by airtubes.

Trigger Shoe - Goes over the trigger to make it wider.

Turbo - A gun that fires 1.5 balls per trigger pull.

Valve - In most guns the hammer smacks the valve to release the gas that will propel the ball.

Wiping - You get hit, then you wipe the paint off to stay in the game. Most people will crucify you if they catch you wiping.

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