Undersiege Paintball
Play paintball at Undersiege Paintball based in Durham near Newcastle

Corporate Entertainment Paintball

Paintball is one of the most exciting, demanding and versatile team building events you could possibly organise for your company.

If you are looking for a fresh way of entertaining new customers, clients or staff then paintballing should certainly be on your shortlist. Paintball provides a great way of boosting morale and encourages staff to build strong working relationships. Your staff and work colleagues will love it.

Corporate Entertainment

If its variation you’re looking for, then we can offer a multi activity package that is tailored to the requirements and budget of your company. We can arrange team based events such as blindfold driving & treasure hunts, or if its an enjoyable adrenaline rush you want to put that bit of a bounce back into your staff, then a few sessions rolling down a hill (at up to 35 kilometres per hour) in one of our orbz is guaranteed put your team in top spirits. Conference rooms, accommodation and full hotel facilities are also available.

The Undersiege Paintball Durham venue occupies a central north east location and is ideal for companies that have offices spread across county Durham, Tyne & Wear Northumberland, Cleveland, Teesside and North Yorkshire. We consider our site to be in a premier location for team building, outdoor pursuits and corporate activities across the north east area.

Please contact us for a full corporate pack.

Undersiege Paintball has been used by the following companies from across the region for entertaining customers, staff and clients: Marks & Spencers, Asda, B.T., Orange, Vodafone, E.D.F., Airwaves Ducati, Newcastle utd., Sunderland A.F.C., Hartlepool United F.C., British Gas, McDonalds, Pizza Express, HSS Hire, Nissan, Glaxo, Jennings Ford, H.P., & Pullman V.W.

Corporate Paintball

Mitchells Grievson Accountants Paintball
Thursday 24 Apr 2008
Mitchells Grievson Accountants from Bp. Auckland having a staff day blow out at Undersiege Paintball.
Underseige Paintball, Castlewood Farm, Helme Park, Tow Law, Co Durham, DL13 4NN, England
Tel: 01388 731777
Sun 20 May 2018 10:56:26