Undersiege Paintball
Play paintball at Undersiege Paintball based in Durham near Newcastle

Booking Paintball

  • Contact Us to arrange a booking time, (if you are bringing a group of friends it is easier to nominate one person as the group organiser to telephone and arrange the date etc.)
  • Once a date has been arranged you will be asked for a deposit of £5 per person, this covers the cost of your first 100 paintballs.
  • You will then receive a confirmation pack through the post giving details of arrival time, date of booking and directions.

Booking a paintball game

Underseige Paintball, Castlewood Farm, Helme Park, Tow Law, Co Durham, DL13 4NN, England
Tel: 01388 731777
Sun 20 May 2018 10:53:32