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UK Paintball Sports Federation

In 1990 a group of players and members of the trade formed the European Paintball Sports Federation to protect the sport. The game of paintball was going through a rough time with attacks from the media and more important a possible ban by the Home Office as a result of the wording of the Firearms Act at the time.

Over the years the EPSF and more recently the UKPSF have had discussions with various members of the Government, officials at the various Government bodies, local authorities, Police and Firearms experts. As a result of these discussions the wording in the Firearms act (Air being the only approved propellant) which could have resulted in a ban on paintball has been changed. (CO2 was added as an approved propellant) The sport and the equipment has developed over the past ten years and the need for CO2 as a propellant has reduced.



The EPSF also produced tournament rule books which formed the foundation for all of the current tournament rules in the UK and probably most of the European tournaments. The "Code of Practice" is recognised by the Health and Safety and a lot of Councils as the guidelines for operating a paintball site.

In the late 1990's it was decided to change the name from the EPSF to the UKPSF because whilst most of the European countries had used the EPSF as the model to set up their own Federations the organisation in the UK only looked after the United Kingdom. There were no representatives from other countries on the committee therefore it did not truly represent Europe. The name was therefore changed to the United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation.

There are steps being taken at present to form a new European body with representatives from all over Europe on the committee.

The UKPSF is a voluntary body and exists to promote the sport of paintball, liaise with government bodies, local authorities and try to make the game of paintball safe and fun to play. One of the main objectives is to have the game of paintball recognised by the Sports Council as a sport!

Code of Practice for sites
The "Code of Practice" is issued to all members sites and is used as a basis to operate a safe site. There is information about setting up safe areas, playing areas, catering, equipment and marshalling.

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