Undersiege Paintball
Play paintball at Undersiege Paintball based in Durham near Newcastle

Undersiege Paintball Safety

Ensuring the Safety of Players and Staff is our main concern at Undersiege Paintball.

After signing in and before the games commence, all players are required to attend a Safety Briefing during which all aspects of game day safety are outlined and customer's questions are addressed.

At Undersiege, we ensure that First Aiders are on site at all times and every game will be led by 1 Games Manager and at least 2 Marshals.

Games Managers

All Games Managers receive full on-site safety training and have at least one years experience of marshalling paintball games. He will explain game scenarios, monitor all safety aspects and do all he can to ensure that your Paintballing day runs smoothly - all you have to do is enjoy it!!


All Marshals receive on-site safety training. His job is to ensure that the Games Manager's instructions are carried out, that the players are being attended to and that they are made aware of safety issues and game rules throughout the day.

Our friendly staff are always on hand ensuring your day is safe!!

Our Marshals will try to answer all of your questions and will always be on hand to help throughout the game day.

A full Risk Assessment/ Child Protection Policy is available to be viewed by collages & schools wishing to bring there students to an event at Undersiege Paintball park.

Undersiege Paintball are members of the U.K. Paintball Sports Federation which govern aspects of safety within the UK paintball industry.

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